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Company Information

Iron Force Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1977 with the guiding principles of “Striving for excellence and perfection; focusing on quality and innovation”. The company’s mindset of “Sustainable development with growth in profit” is our mission to success.

The Iron Force headquarter is situated in Oriental Science Park, Xizhi district, New Taipei City. Under excellent corporate management, our business continues to show strong growth despite the recent global economic downturn. The main business can be separated into two divisions:

1. Auto Parts Division:
Two operation facilities are located in Nan-Kang Industrial Park, Nan-Tou, Taiwan and Industrial Zone of Luoshe, Zhejiang, China. They are pprimary focusing on the sales and production of airbag inflators and seat belt sub-assembly. Our customers are from the top 3 global automotive safety suppliers. With stringent quality controls, “Zero acceptances on defects” is our paramount principle for product quality. Thus far, Iron Force has received numerous nationally recognized awards and suppliers recognition awards from our customers.

  With the intent to replace existing suppliers, customers have request Iron Force to increase production capacity of mainland China in order to fulfill their future planning. By being an important strategic partner with our global customers, the Auto Parts Division will be able to capture significant Chinese market share and enjoy rapid growth for years to come.

2. Display and Houseware Division:
The Display and Housware division has been conducting trading business of hanger, display fixtures and other metal products since the beginning of Iron Force. International trading still drives the growth of the division today. There have been numerous fruitful business collaborations with our customers in Europe and Americas. Our professionalism earns the respect and trust of our customers and thereby, creating added-value to the division operation. The Display and Houseware Division has developed two manufacturing facilities based in Taiwan and China since 1992. In addition to our own production facilities, we also enjoy great business relationships with the Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese suppliers. Our long-term cooperation with our suppliers has generated sustainable and trustworthy relationship that is mutually beneficial to all.

  Guided by its goal-orientated principle, Iron Force has a clear direction for future growth and financial planning. With our persistence on product quality, we can provide opportunities for prospective people to realize their ambitions. Training can be provided to less experienced people. We welcome interested people to join our team and grow with us in a world-class organization.